So this has become a standard way to start all blog posts now, as each one seems to be months and months apart, so once again I’m sorry its been so long! It makes me sad that I write so little now, but the truth is I just don’t get the time. Working full time with a 2 year old is hard enough without even considering creating content and writing, but I do really miss it. The problem is once I am home from work and I have spent time with Molly, bathed and put her to bed, cooked dinner, eaten dinner, made lunch for the following day and had a shower all I want to do it go to bed. Weekday life has become a bit of a routine, one which I am trying to get out of. I like spontaneity and being impulsive and I need more of it in my life. I also want to try and make a bit more time for myself. I am fully aware when you have a child you dedicate your life to them but sometimes, I think I need a little ‘me time’ for some self-love and to just be selfish, one evening a week would be more than enough…. So, let’s see how this goes and if I can keep it up. I am by no means saying I am going to write once a week, it would be nice to pluck my eyebrows once in a while!!

Anyway, I didn’t sit down to chat about that. What I wanted to talk about was…the bad press that surrounds social media and Instagram shaming. What sparked this conversation for me was the Jesy Nelson documentary that I watched few days ago, if you haven’t seen It then I would recommend, I think its defiantly worth a watch. So many people these days are so quick to dismiss social media and tell you about how damaging it is to society, I partly agree with this but also disagree in a big way. I am fully aware that bad things can come out of social media, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or whatever and that cyber bullying and trolling is a real thing, and definitely something that I totally agree needs to be taken very seriously but social media can also be a really great thing.

For some people these days social media can be a full-time job, but for many it’s just a bit of fun and It’s a release for people, including myself. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, I studied Fashion and textile design at University, I interned for various magazines and press companies in London, even in the wardrobe department of a theatre. I very quickly realized once finishing university that the dream of working in that world was sadly never being to be reality for me. I live a couple of hours away from London, I had no money to move there and I couldn’t afford the travel every day to intern, and not get paid to gain the experience everybody told me I needed to get a foot in the door. I needed a job so I ended up working full time in H&M, I was able to work my way up and train as a visual merchandiser, I then went on to become a trainer, training others to become VM’s and I loved it but like any retail based role it was poorly paid, and I was starting at 6am an hour from home. When on maternity leave, I decided I couldn’t go back to that with a baby, it was impractical, and it was never going to work so I looked elsewhere. My current job is not creative in any way and although I enjoy it and its well paid, I miss creativity in my life.

For me social media, mainly Instagram and my blog allow me to have my very own little space in the world where I can create content and have some fun. I am not doing it to seek approval from anyone else and I don’t post pictures for anyone else. Its not about how many likes or followers I have, if you enjoy the content too then great but if you don’t that’s also fine. Its not just taking a photo and posting it, there is so much more to it than that. I read a lot about trends, old and current fashion and styles, I follow lots of blogs and other girls to get inspiration from and I enjoy doing this. I enjoy putting outfits together and playing with what works and what doesn’t, accessorizing and finding good locations to shoot. Actually shooting the photos is probably my least favorite part (I am never happy with the way I look in photos, but who is?) If I am lucky enough to find someone to shoot with either a photographer or another blogger or just a friend then great, If I’ve roped my boyfriend to do it for me then it’s a whole other story. There is also editing the photos and curating a theme and a feed that works which is what takes the longest but again I just enjoy it.

It is not about me posting pictures of myself and pretending to be a model, I am not trying to be Insta famous or get the approval of others, I am just having fun. The fact that some people are oblivious to that and think it’s okay to essentially take the piss out of people that do this, its not! There are Instagram accounts that are set up literally just to have a laugh at the expense of influencers and bloggers- Lets shame people for trying to be ‘Insta famous’ by taking photos of them to, wait…post on Instagram for more likes and followers for myself-Hypocritical… I think so!! It would never even cross my mid to stop and take a photo of someone doing something they enjoy for everyone to have a good laugh at and make them feel uncomfortable. We should encourage each other to do things that we enjoy and support them, not make them feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about it.

I have met some great people through Instagram in particular, that I speak to all the time, people that I have a lot in common with and share interest and we help each other out. It has led me to some great opportunities and some great people. So like I said I am aware that for some people it can be a damaging place and there are people that it has quite literally ruined their lives and I am not dismissing this, but find the balance, don’t take it too seriously, don’t listen to the bad comments, don’t even read them, do it because you love it, not for anybody else’s approval and never shame someone for doing something they enjoy. You do you Hun and I’ll do me!




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